Why Local Churches

Apologetics has been around since the beginning of the church, with early fathers such as Tertullian and Justin Martyr, to the Patristic era Augustine. Defending the faith, grounding the church in the truth, and discerning falsehood have always been necessary in the church, and the need in our modern society is no different from then.

Apologetics tends to be done today at special events, such as a conference with Josh McDowell or Ravi Zacharias, or through self-study for those who have a passion for being grounded in the faith and ready to defend their faith and share it with others. LCA seeks to change the modern conception of apologetics as being a big, rare event that is attended, and making it part of the church culture and atmosphere once again.

Children and students are constantly bombarded with a secular worldview in the school systems, and our entire culture, no matter the age, are bombarded by the media and internet continually. There is a deep need for people to be grounded in the truth of scripture today, and local churches are vital to making this happen.