Why Join LCA

There are many church networks and parachurch organizations wanting churches to be involved with whatever passion God has put on their heart. We understand pastors are busy, churches are focused on their congregations, and we have no desire to pull your attention elsewhere. Our goal is to invest in churches and provide resources for you to train, teach, and prepare your congregation to stand for the truth in our culture of lies. Here are four reasons why churches should join LCA.

1. LCA provides support and connection between pastors or apologetic leaders in local churches. We believe team camaraderie is important between churches.

2. Churches have access to resources, training, programs, processes, and ideas to make apologetics part of your church culture.

3. Our network is completely free, we have no desire to be a financial burden on church. There is no cost associated with LCA.

4. LCA provides an opportunity for church leaders to share their ideas, programs, materials, etc. with other churches and invest in the Body of Christ.