Philosophy of Theism (Phil-212)

Do you have a desire to effectively communicate your beliefs to others? Have you ever found yourself unsure of what you believe or how to explain it when someone asks? This course is designed to equip you to explain the philosophical evidence for the existence of God, which provides the foundation to then share the gospel message.

Title: Philosophy of Religion
Credits: 3 Credit Hours
Duration: Sixteen Weeks
Time Expectancy/week: 3-4 Hours
Prerequisites: None
1. Internet Access
2. Microsoft Word
Cost: $30.00

Course Outline:

Week 1: Blind Faith and Evidence

Week 2: Historical Arguments for God
Week 3: The Cosmological Argument Pt.1
Week 4: The Cosmological Argument Pt.2
Week 5: The Cosmological Argument Pt.3
Week 6: Anselm and the Ontological Argument 
Week 7: Defending the Ontological Argument 
Week 8: Special and General Revelation
Week 9: Design, Complexity, and the Creator
Week 10: The Anthropic Principle and God
Week 11: The Moral Argument for God 
Week 12: Evil, Suffering, and God
Week 13: Morality and God 
Week 14: God’s Purpose in Suffering
Week 15: The Atheist Argument from Suffering
Week 16: Presuppositional Apologetics