Local Apologetics

A balance must be reached in our churches between addressing felt needs, allowing people to experience a relationship with God, and ground people in the faith. Our society has targeted the intellectual and rational mind of mankind in attempts to convince people The Bible isn’t true, and that God does not exist. Many young men and women fall away from the faith, more than any other time in history, because they are not convinced Christianity is true. Apologetics is a powerful discipline to fight the exodus from the church, and ground people in the truth of scripture. C.S. Lewis wrote, “Though argument does not create conviction, lack of it destroys belief. What seems to be proved may not be embraced; but what no one shows the ability to defend is quickly abandoned. Rational argument does not create belief, but it maintains a climate in which belief may flourish.” Logic and reason cannot be neglected in our faith, people are being bombarded by lies in our culture and are asking questions, and we need to be prepared to give answers.

Apologetics has decreased in our church culture, while the level of deception and need for the truth to be defended has increased. Apologetics has often been pushed aside and neglected in the local church, with an assumption that those who have questions, those intellectually struggling, will find those answers elsewhere. Churches need to be prepared to give those answers, to equip their congregations, to prepare them to defend the faith and stand for truth in our culture, and LCA desires to help local churches create a church culture that meets these needs.