FWC Apologetic Academy is a great tool for people across the world to learn to defend their faith online. Our Academy offers college level courses on apologetic related topics, such as world religions, creation vs. evolution, theology, reliability of the Bible, philosophy, church history, and more. Please carefully read through the following information as you consider if you’d like to join the Academy.

  • How it Works

The Academy pulls from hundreds of resources in the form of articles, video presentations, audio presentations, and books. Using the wide variety of resources available online, our academy guides you in your study of specific topics and provides structured learning on apologetics. You will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and strengthen your faith in an online class setting.

  • The Workload

Students registering for classes in the Apologetic Academy need to be prepared for the workload that will follow. Classes are college level, typically requiring 3-4 hours/week of study and homework. These classes last for sixteen weeks, and each week is split into two homework assignments (videos/articles).

  • The Cost

While our classes do have a small fee, we try our best to keep it minimal. Currently, registration for a class which is the length of a 3-credit college course, cost $30.00. This small fee ensures your commitment to take part in the class, and helps with overhead expenses for the Academy.

  • When to Begin

Classes in the apologetic academy do not run on the standard school calendar. Our courses are self paced, but do have a maximum allowed time. Students have five months from the time they register and begin a course until they must have the course complete. 

  • Accreditation

We want to be clear that these classes are not accredited by the U.S. government, nor any other accreditation agency. While we do offer college level courses, and while we do use the credit system for our classes, we are not an accredited institution. 

  • Certificates

The Apologetic Academy currently offers the following certificate programs: 

Associates Certificate in Philosophical Apologetics (A.Pa) (Credits: 15)
Associates Certificate in Scientific Apologetics (A.Sa) (Credits: 15)
Associates Certificate in Religious Apologetics (A.Ra) (Credits: 15)
Associates Certificate in Biblical Apologetics (A.Ba) (Credits: 15)
Associates Certificate in Theological Apologetics (A.Ta) (Credits: 15)

If you are interested in signing up for our Apologetic Academy please click here and fill out the registration information.