We strongly believe that if Paul and John the Baptist were alive today, they’d be preaching and teaching online. The internet has provided us with the opportunity to reach more people than ever imagined, which is why we have the following ways for you to learn online through our website.

  • Online Videos

Over the past several years we have filmed many of the classes taught here at Family Worship Center. These classes have been put online and provide a great tool for those seeking to equip and educate themselves in apologetics. Click here to view these classes!

  • PowerPoint’s

PowerPoint presentations have become increasingly popular in today’s world. Many prefer to read through the outlines on PowerPoint instead of reading through articles and books. Further, PowerPoint presentations can be downloaded and used by others to teach, making preparation much easier. We at FWC Apologetics want to equip you with the tools you need to learn and teach others, which is why we have uploaded our entire School of Apologetic PowerPoint files to our website for you to use! Click here to view our PowerPoints!

  • The Wilderness Podcast

Listening to Podcasts has become a popular tool for education in our culture, and rightfully so! Our weekly Podcasts will provide you with insight on hot topics facing the church today and prepare you to engage on those issues. Podcasts can be listened to or downloaded here!

  • Blogs

The final way we educate and equip believers online is through our blogs. We have several great bloggers on our ministry team and we hope you’ll take advantage of this great opportunity to learn. Blogs can be found here!