In January, 2014 Family Worship Center launched their School of Apologetics. This is an in depth program aimed to train and equip believers to “Give an answer for the reason for the hope that is in them” (1 Pet 3:15).

The school consists of twenty individual classes, all being six sessions in length. Each year will be split into eight “semesters” and several different classes will be offered in each semester (See class list below). Classes will be offered at different times of the week from semester to semester. Class sessions will average one/half hours in length. Each of the twenty classes is worth one credit toward achieving one of four levels of certificates;

5 Credits – Bronze Certificate in Biblical Apologetics
10 Credits – Silver Certificate in Biblical Apologetics
15 Credits – Gold Certificate in Biblical Apologetics
20 Credits – Platinum Certificate in Biblical Apologetics

Homework will consist of memorizing one Bible verse each week that is applicable to the topic. Classes are graded on attendance, verse memorization and participation during class.

The School is aimed at the High School and Adult age group but open to those in Middle School as well. There is no cost to attend; everyone is welcome whether or not you attend FWC. You do not have to take every class that is offered, you can pick and choose which classes to participate in.

Class list

Each class is valued at 1 credit

 Religion and the occult

1. Mormonism & Jehovah Witnesses

2. Islam

3. Eastern Religion

4. Catholicism & the Protestant Reformation

5. The Occult

6. Minor World Religions

7. Judaism

Scientific Apologetics (Creation vs. Evolution)

8. Biblical Astronomy

9. The age of the earth

10. Biological evolution

11. Creation & the Flood

12. Biblical interpretations of Genesis 1-11

General Apologetics

13. The reliability of the Bible (Textual, archeological, and prophetic)

14. The historical resurrection of Jesus Christ

15. Early Church History

16. The Protestant Reformation

17. The Biblical Canon

18. Philosophy and the Bible

19. Hermeneutics

20. Answering modern day questions