Welcome to Family Worship Centers online Apologetic Academy. We’re excited that you’ve chosen to further your knowledge in apologetics using our online courses. Our course structure and website are easy to learn and more information can be found on our tutorial videos here. Every class in our Apologetic Academy follows a unified outline when it comes to required course work which will be explained below. Every class in our Apologetic Academy has a total of 160 possible points. Those who receive 90% or more of these points will be given an “A” for the course, while a B corresponds to 80-89%, and a “C” corresponds to 70-79%. The way points are earned and courses are graded is based on your lessons evaluation and analysis answers, which is detailed below. 
Analysis and Evaluation Questions
Every course has sixteen lessons, and each lesson has analysis and evaluation forms that must be completed. These forms consist of the same five questions for every lesson:
  1. How would you summarize the arguments or points being made by the author?
  2. How convincing is their argument? (Why/Why Not)
  3. What additional points could be made to support the author/speaker?
  4. How or why might someone object to the points being made by the author speaker?
  5. What was easiest and hardest to understand about the homework?
Each of these five questions require a 3-8 sentence response on the form each lesson, which allows us to ensure students are doing the homework and thinking about the information discussed.
These analysis and evaluation questions make up your grade and should be taken seriously and done thoroughly. The grading for these analysis and evaluation forms is based on if the participant answers the question, with the appropriate length, and displays knowledge, insight, and critical thinking on the topic.